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D.Va wants you to suck on her toes 💖

D.Va wants you to suck on her toes 💖

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Written by Valerie

Hi! I’m Valerie, i’m 19 and my foot size is 6 US ✨


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  1. Omg yes. When I’m playing as female overwatch characters I always choose the skins with the footwear I would most like to taste their feet straight out of 😅

  2. However you want, whenever you want. I’d be honored to suck those delicious toes. If I beg really convincingly will you let me kiss your pretty legs too? Please?

  3. For you I’ll suck on ya toes, and then make the beasts with two backs look like we invented the saying

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open wide

Open wide😛😘

I was starting to run out of socks, so had to get plenty of new ones to ruin. Come and get your pair.. I know you want to smell them