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Me and sexy feet 😊💕✨

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Written by Sam Bliss

I’m Sam, a 28-year-old foot fetish friendly blonde who loves to take care and pamper herself💅🏼


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  1. How long have you been blazing for?? And is it through out your day or you keep it to certain times?? Also excited for the potential twitch channel!

  2. Oh my goodness, you’re not just extremely gorgeous with a perfect body, but you’re also a (soft) mommy domme? 👀 Can you even be more perfect? 😍 Do you also like being called “Mommy (Sam)” and if you do, may I please call you that? 🙈

  3. I have so many questions… What is the highest level of education you achieved? Is OF your full time job? Have you ever met a fan? Intentionally or accidentally? Do you get turned on by posting or is it simply a job?

  4. Have you seen all the Conjuring/Annabelle’s? “The Nun” was legitimately scary to me 😂😂👻.

    I share your GoT pain 🙈. I still feel like I need a support group 3 years later for that last season 😭. Thanks for sharing with us gorgeous 😘.

  5. Since you’re a gamer girl, what games you play on PC and do you use discord?:p that’s if I may ask? And second question what make you want to start in the OF industry? Did you always want to do PF? Or something you saw as an opportunity to show the world your lovely canvas:3

  6. Hi Sam! Your feet are amazing 😍

    1. I saw in the description you play GTA5. Do you play online and if so, do you have a favourite car and DLC update? Mine is the Ignus (it’s the new supercar based off the Lamborghini Sian!)

    2. What’s your favourite pedi colour?

    3. From the description it seems like you like a lot of music! But do you have a favourite genre? Mine is EDM (liquid dubstep, DNB, house)

  7. Hey Sam, glad to get to know a bit more about you ☺️

    1. Favourite school subject?
    2. Played any sports in school/college?
    3. How would you tease me if you found out I had a foot fetish?

  8. Damn Sam, been a huge fan of your posts. Seeing you really helps me get through the day and it’s great to get to know you a little more.

    I’m very passionate about music so I appreciate you sharing your favs and giving me something new to check out.

    Do you like Americana/folk? I’m not, but Dawes and Agnes obel are too good to ignore. Definitely check em out.

    Anyway, my real question is, what advice would you give to a guy on a first date?

  9. All of this is great, but you had me at Banjo-kazooie! Just a heads up it is on the switch now as well if you want an excuse to revisit it!

  10. Hi Sam I have a few questions. Feel no pressure to answer any or all. Just curious.

    1. Are you a fan of Samus Aran from Nintendo?
    2. What are your go to candle brands? I too have developed a fondness for candles. Think it’s from my early stoner days when I still had to hide the smell. Now I just keep one burning. My favorite is Yankee Candle but I like to try other brands too.
    3. Lastly, do you know how to give walking back massages? Feel guilty asking here, but couldn’t not. Could use one at the moment. Consider myself foot fetish neutral, but there’s just something about Sam.

    Thanks for the good vibes. Hope to see you around

  11. I have a few questions about your boob job:

    What size were you before?

    What tips do you have for anyone considering a boob job?

    Any regrets?

  12. Always so beautiful girl pulling on the old snoop Dogg mothership. So sexy in black. Well all your colors. Luv ya till next time. Keep your grin on.

  13. Nice movie list! Jaws is always a good watch, can’t pass it up if it’s on somewhere!

    Grew up in the 90’s as well and there’s some great games on that list too!

    What’s your reason for no country music?

    Having rescue animals is such a rewarding part of life, have a rescue dog from a hoarding situation now and watching him come out of his shell is the greatest feeling!

    Never visited OF but you make me want to! Can’t get enough of you amazing ass posts!

    Keep it real Sam, you’re an awesome person!

  14. Large butts were not celebrated in mainstream American culture during my formative years. Have you always had a large behind and if so how did you feel about it? Also, is it just naturally that size or is it via work in the gym (since you said the only surgery was breast augmentation).

  15. Jesus we would be perfect for each other!! So many common interests especially with horror and the nerdy sides. Plus we both have onlyfans! Are you in American or Canadian?

  16. How do you avoid the munchies when you get stoned?

    I’ve been smoking almost daily for 2 years but my munchies are out of control so it’s not great for me to keep it up.

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