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Are you brave enough to worship my feet in public? 😏

Would you be brave enough to worship my feet in public? 😏

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Goddess S

Written by Goddess S

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  1. I’d love to worship your gorgeous feet with my tongue licking and kissing your sweet sweet soles from heels to toes, licking between your toes, and sucking on your mouth watering toes without hesitation in public as your feet are too beautiful to be ignored and must be worshipped at every opportunity

  2. I’d do it in a heartbeat. Invite your friends over to watch me lick your soles and suck your toes while I look at your face with adoring eyes.

  3. When you primarily adore Her and worshippingHer feet are the manner in which you show that to the world, Her face is like a magnet. You can’t not lock eyes with Her.

  4. I don’t care who sees. All that matters is that your feet are getting the worship and adoration they deserve at all times.

  5. i would get down, bow down to you, and kiss the ground you walk on in a crowded mall at your command if it meant looking at your feet. Absolutely would.

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all tied up, now what?

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all tied up, now what?

Come kiss my feet like nobody is watching 😈

Kiss my feet like nobody is watching 😈